About this Website

This website was set up to facilitate communication and resource sharing for the people interested in this dust event. An additional purpose is to gain more experience in the use of the Web as a medium for communication and collaboration.

The 'community' is encouraged to comment on discussion topics and contribute web-based resources. In order to participate in this website, you must be registered with the People's page. Submitting new comments or responding to existing comments can be done on the Forum page. Registering of relevent web-links should be done in the Resources section. Alternatively, just e-mail your comments or web-links to R. Husar and we will post it for you.

Rudolf Husar (rhusar@mecf.wustl.edu) (314) 935-6099
Beyond the semi-quantitative satellite observations, at this time very little hard data are available for the quantification of this event. Therefore, the aerosol research and monitoring community is encouraged to use this website as a clearinghouse of available information by registering their observations and web-based data resources. It is hoped that by sharing available data, knowledge, and wisdom of the aerosol community the true characteristics of this unusual event can be understood.