Comments on The Asian Dust Events of April 1998 - Revised for JGR

Hard of vague recommendation for aerosol watch/analysis system?
I need your feedback on a somewhat sensitive issue: I have changed the last paragraph on recommendations. In particular, it spells out the recommendation to set up a global aerosol watch/analysis system. It is a self-serving statement since I would like to participate in such a global aerosol watch system. I know that several of you concur and interested in such a system but it would be very comforting to know that we have a consensus on this recommendation. Othervise, we will stick to the previous vague formulation.
Submitted by Husar Rudolf on 7/11/00
RecID: Body.RudolfHusar6.CF.RudolfHusar
Summary of Responses: Hard of vague recommendation for aerosol watch/analysis system?
Based on this feedback and other communication, the reservations and alternative ideas include:

- JGR may not be the most appropriate place to publish group recommendations

- EOS may be a better place to expose such recommendations and/or a call for 'community' participation

- In this paper, don't call it a recommendation; say simply ' would be useful...'

- What really matters is what we DO not what we RECOMMEND; we could 'just do it'.

Based on the above feedback, the word RECOMMENDATION is out of the manuscript. Now we use Robert Frouin's phrase which is more elegant, less pretentious: "A web-based communication, cooperation and coordination system would be useful to monitor...'.

Also, Dave Tratt has agreed to orchestrate the writing of a piece for EOS.

Tha paper has been re-submitted to JGR. The responses to the Reviwers A and B as well as the revised manuscript is posted on this website under Reports.

Submitted by Husar Rudolf on 7/11/00
RecID: Body.RudolfHusar6.CFBody.RudolfHusar6.CF.RudolfHusar.RudolfHusar

Include paragraph
I would like to see this paragraph included in the paper. I think it is a reasonable recommendation based upon the successful process by which the paper's content was gathered and the paper was written. In addition, it complements the last paragraph of the Introduction.
Submitted by Schichtel Bret on 7/11/00
RecID: Body.RudolfHusar6.CFBody.RudolfHusar6.CF.RudolfHusar.BretSchichtel

Include this clarion call
I agree, you should try to C
Submitted by Gill Tom on 7/11/00
RecID: Body.RudolfHusar6.CFBody.RudolfHusar6.CF.RudolfHusar.TomGill

Rplace 'Recommendation' with 'would be useful..'
I do not have anything against this recommendation, but it could be made less explicit. For example, instead of starting with "It is also recommended...", you could say something like: "A web-based communication, cooperation, and coordination system would be useful to monitor...".
Submitted by Frouin Robert on 7/11/00
RecID: Body.RudolfHusar6.CFBody.RudolfHusar6.CF.RudolfHusar.RobertFrouin

Invite participants to the existing system
I had a look into the manuscript and have couple of comments: Final paragraph: In general terms, I agree with Dave in that JGR may not be the right place to say such thing and like Dan said , it may not have much weight. I think it could be left as it is. Or alternatively, I think in the paragraph that starts with "The Asia dust event has demonstrated ....." clearly outlines the advantages of having a real time operating alert network. Instead of putting the proposed paragraph, I would add sentence saying something like "the scientific community is invited to participate in the already formed forum to monitor and communicate information of other regional scale events.. ".
Submitted by Gasso' Santiago on 7/11/00
RecID: Body.RudolfHusar6.CFBody.RudolfHusar6.CF.RudolfHusar.SantiagoGasso'

Yes, and add aerosol climatiology as well
I agree with the recommendation paragraph. I would even go so far as to recommend the establishment of a global aerosol climatology data base. It may not need to be at a single site, but definitely links to data sets would be a great start. Along those lines, I'm organizing a special day and a half symposium at the AAAR 2001 meeting in Portland OR on an Aerosol Climatology.
Submitted by Laulainen Nels on 7/11/00
RecID: Body.RudolfHusar6.CFBody.RudolfHusar6.CF.RudolfHusar.NelsLaulainen

Recommendation does not belong to a JGR paper
My sense is that this paragraph doesn't really belong in a JGR paper, and if it appears, it won't carry much weight. So, I am basically neutral on whether you include it or not. A discussion on this rec. should happen this summer at the Trans-Pacific transport conference in Seattle. Some version of this, but also including gases, should become part of the conference recommendations.
Submitted by Jaffe Dan on 7/11/00
RecID: Body.RudolfHusar6.CFBody.RudolfHusar6.CF.RudolfHusar.DanJaffe

Yes but JGR may not be the plce for recommendation
I would like to see the explicit recommendation appear, though I suspect that JGR may not regard their forum as the proper place for it. Should that prove to be the case, you could always re-activate your original intention (expressed at the '98 AGU Fall Mtg.) to publish such a recommendation in EOS.
Submitted by Tratt David on 7/11/00
RecID: Body.RudolfHusar6.CFBody.RudolfHusar6.CF.RudolfHusar.DavidTratt

Yes, include explicit recommendation
Yes, include explicit recommendation
Submitted by McKendry Ian on 7/11/00
RecID: Body.RudolfHusar6.CFBody.RudolfHusar6.CF.RudolfHusar.IanMcKendry

Language edits, revisions attached..
I have only nit-picky suggestions - mostly improved language. The manuscript (minus the figs. to save bandwidth) with my edits is attached. I used the edit tracking feature of Word for your convenience (I've made suggestions throughout the paper - you can choose which ones to accept, but please do include the standard acknowledgment I added).
Submitted by Tratt David on 7/3/00
RecID: Body.RudolfHusar6.CF.DavidTratt
Re: Language edits, revisions attached..
I think the revised version is very good, and I'm happy to be associated with it. Dave's corrections are comprehensive- he found all the missing references and other errors that I noticed (plus a lot more).
Submitted by Sassen Ken on 7/3/00
RecID: Body.RudolfHusar6.CFBody.RudolfHusar6.CF.DavidTratt.KenSassen
Re: Re: Language edits, revisions attached..
We all should feel better now. As Dave Tratt said earlier, the job in December was very hasty, but we got the piece into the system by Dec 31.

As to Dave's corrrections of the language - is way too good for me! It makes me feel like I am giving up part of my Hungarican heritage with his pure English..:)

Submitted by Husar Rudolf on 7/3/00
RecID: Body.RudolfHusar6.CFBody.RudolfHusar6.CF.DavidTrattBody.RudolfHusar6.CFBody.RudolfHusar6.CF.DavidTratt.KenSassen.RudolfHusar
Re: Re: Re: Language edits, revisions attached..
It's not that simple Dave. Everyone knows that the international language of science is broken English. Besides, are you sure you want to see this sort of stuff in Hungarian??
Submitted by Husar Rudolf on 7/3/00
RecID: Body.RudolfHusar6.CFBody.RudolfHusar6.CF.DavidTrattBody.RudolfHusar6.CFBody.RudolfHusar6.CF.DavidTratt.KenSassenBody.RudolfHusar6.CFBody.RudolfHusar6.CF.DavidTrattBody.RudolfHusar6.CFBody.RudolfHusar6.CF.DavidTratt.KenSassen.RudolfHusar.RudolfHusar

Reads better, need correction on total SR loss
The document definitely reads better.

April 20, 1998 was not a clear day in Eugene. As you can see from the graph, April 20 did have some clouds. We had to go back to 1995 to find another clear day for Eugene during that time period.

In the paper we published in [Gueymard, et. al. 2000], we included a table that compared 1998 data with 1995 data for Eugene and 1998 for Burns, Oregon, and Boise. The global was reduced by about 5% rather than 2 % given in this paper. I think it is a more accurate comparison of the effect on broadband global, beam, and diffuse.

Submitted by Vignola Frank on 7/3/00
RecID: Body.RudolfHusar6.CF.FrankVignola

Minor corrections, looks good.
I notice a few minor corrections. I will read it through more carefully over the next five or six days and get back to you next week. Otherwise it looks really good.
Submitted by Gill Tom on 7/3/00
RecID: Body.RudolfHusar6.CF.TomGill

I like the new structure
I like the new structure
Submitted by McKendry Ian on 7/3/00
RecID: Body.RudolfHusar6.CF.IanMcKendry

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