The Asian Dust Events of April 1998


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The Asian Dust Events of April 1998

Analysis of the 1998 Dust Storms by a ‘Virtual Community’

Dust Storms in the Gobi Desert on April 15 and 19, 1998

The April 15th Dust Storm: Dissipation within Asia

The Cause of Dust Storms: Low Pressure Systems over Gobi Desert

The April 19th Dust Storm

April 20-21: Transport Across East Asia

Trans-Pacific Dust Transport

Visual Appearance of the Dust

Dust over the West Coast of North America

Lidar Dust Profiles of Asian Dust over North America

Dust Map over the West Coast

Hourly PM 10 Concentration in California

The April 98 Asian dust - A unique Event over N. America.

Abstract - Technical Summary

Conclusions and Discussion

Author: R Husar


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