Selecting a Voyager File

Voyager Search Engine

In order to select a Voyager file from our huge database (years of collecting data and depositing them in Voyager file format), you'll have to fill up a following form to narrow down your search criteria. If you do not want to limit on any of the criteria elements, just leave them empty.


Enter a time range for data you are looking for (in form 'DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM:SS')

    From time:   
    To time:    
    Maximum time resolution: 


Enter name of the parameter you are looking for.
    Parameter name: 


Enter location range in decimal degrees (default is continental US)

    From longitude (eastern  boundary):  
    To longitude   (western  boundary):  
    From latitude  (northern boundary):  
    To latitude    (southern boundary):  

    or click on the map to select either 
        top-left,   or 
        lower-right corner


Double check data you entered again and the query.