This is a list of people participating or interested in the Central American Fire Event. To register, please submit a brief description of your interests and activities relevant to the Central American Fire event.

Hemby , James , ID: JamesHemby
Activity Log: /Central-America/People/ActivityLogs/JamesActivityLog1.html
Organization: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Interests and Activities: Impacts on surface-level ozone air quality data; regulatory considerations

Reddy , Patrick , ID: PatrickReddy
Activity Log: /Central-America/People/ActivityLogs/PatrickActivityLog1.html
Organization: Colorado Air Pollution Control Division
Interests and Activities: Regional transport, smoke effects on ozone, PM2.5, natural events policy, visibility, air quality forecasting, climate change.

DeFelice , Tom , ID: TomDeFelice
Activity Log: /Central-America/People/ActivityLogs/TomActivityLog2.html
Organization: RAYTHEON
Interests and Activities: This is simply meant to inform those of you who may be interested. RESOURCE21 may have an aerosol datset that could be very useful in ground-truthing your detection of the smoke aerosol from the fires in Central America during May-June 1998. They operated a 10 site multi-band radiometer network that extended across Nebraska, Iowa and the western - most portion of Illinois during May through September 1998. RESOURCE21 is stationed in Englewood Co (303-7493200; ask for Tom Leier or try 303-749-3266; ask for John Grace or Steve Hamilton if Tom is unavailable.)

Fox , Doug , ID: DougFox
Activity Log: /Central-America/People/ActivityLogs/DougActivityLog1.html
Organization: Cooperative Institute for Research on the Atmosphere, Colorado State University
Interests and Activities: Smoke Management & Climate Change

Mims III , Forrest M. , ID: ForrestM.MimsIII
Activity Log: /Central-America/People/ActivityLogs/Forrest M.ActivityLog1.html
Organization: Sun Photometer Atmospheric network
Interests and Activities: During the burning seasons of 1995 and 1997 I measured many parameters associated with biomass burning in Brazil for NASA and the University of Sao Paulo. Here in South Texas I measured significant changes in optical depth, solar irradiance, total ozone and UV-B associated with the Mexican smoke event of may 1998.

Popp , Carl , ID: CarlPopp
Activity Log: /Central-America/People/ActivityLogs/CarlActivityLog1.html
Organization: New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Interests and Activities: Oxygenated hydrocarbon (esp aldehydes, ketones and organic acids) sources and transport. Biomass burning

Dixon , Roy , ID: RoyDixon
Activity Log: /Central-America/People/ActivityLogs/RoyActivityLog1.html
Organization: New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Interests and Activities:

Aerosol chemical composition, aerosol properties, transport of smoke plume, gas phase pollutants in smoke plumes

Gill , Tom , ID: TomGill
Activity Log: /Central-America/People/ActivityLogs/TomActivityLog1.html
Organization: Texas Tech University, Atmospheric Science Group
Interests and Activities: Long-range aerosol transport, aerosol chemistry, ecological and biogeochemical effects of aerosols

Guthrie , Paul , ID: PaulGuthrie
Activity Log: /Central-America/People/ActivityLogs/PaulActivityLog1.html
Organization: ICF Kaiser Consulting Group
Interests and Activities: Air Quality impacts of fire plumes

Van Hook , Bryan , ID: BryanVanHook
Activity Log: /Central-America/People/ActivityLogs/BryanActivityLog1.html
Organization: CAPITA
Interests and Activities: Internet development.

Laulainen , Nels , ID: NelsLaulainen
Activity Log: /Central-America/People/ActivityLogs/NelsActivityLog1.html
Organization: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Interests and Activities: Aerosol optical propreties and measurements.

D'Alba , Jay , ID: JayD'Alba
Activity Log: /Central-America/People/ActivityLogs/JayActivityLog2.html
Organization: Hazard Control Technologies/Fuel Safe Technologies
Interests and Activities: I am working with the Malaysian Fire Authorities and we have developed effective protocols for addressing wild fire scenarios utilizing F-500 Mycelle Encapsulator Fire Fighting Agent. The advantages of F-500 include its environmentally safe characteristics, its increased effectiveness over all other agents, the fact that it requires far less water, and that it can readily be used in difficult to access locations. For further information e-mail me at , call me direct (24X7) c/o The Crown Princess Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Phone 603 262-5522 , Room 3317, Fax 603 262-4492., or leave a message for me at my office, 808 528-6060. Further information can be accessed at

Activity Log: /Central-America/People/ActivityLogs/ROBERTActivityLog1.html
Organization: TENAM/eco-tierra sacv
Interests and Activities: forest management, gis, we're right here in the middle if anyone needs on the ground info!

Kayin , Serpil , ID: SerpilKayin
Activity Log: /Central-America/People/ActivityLogs/SerpilActivityLog1.html
Organization: CAPITA-Washington University
Interests and Activities: WEb based collaboration.

Yarbrough , James W. , ID: JamesW.Yarbrough
Activity Log: /Central-America/People/ActivityLogs/James W.ActivityLog1.html
Organization: EPA Region 6 Dallas, Texas

Gonzalez , Filomeno , ID: FilomenoGonzalez
Activity Log: /Central-America/People/ActivityLogs/FilomenoActivityLog1.html
Interests and Activities: I am interested in the effects of the fires over the eastern border of the Yucatan peninsula around the Cancun area as well as the Mayan ruins in that region. How has this affected tourism and are there any travel advisory to this area?

Castriotta , Richard , ID: RichardCastriotta
Activity Log: /Central-America/People/ActivityLogs/RichardActivityLog1.html
Organization: University of Texas - Houston Medical School
Interests and Activities: Effects of smoke on breathing problems in Houston

Forest , John , ID: JohnForest
Activity Log: /Central-America/People/ActivityLogs/JohnActivityLog2.html
Organization: n/a
Interests and Activities: we have begun to experience a noxious haze here in las cruces, nm (just north of el paso, texas). it began on may 17 and made for a beautiful sunset. however, people have begun reporting irritated eyes and some level of respiratory distress. particularly those with respiratory problems such as allergies, asthma, etc.

Bachmeier , Scott , ID: ScottBachmeier
Activity Log: /Central-America/People/ActivityLogs/ScottActivityLog1.html
Organization: Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison / SSEC / CIMSS
Interests and Activities: satellite meteorology, long-range atmospheric transport

Turner , Jay , ID: JayTurner
Activity Log: /Central-America/People/ActivityLogs/JayActivityLog1.html
Organization: Washington University
Interests and Activities: fine particulate mattter characterization and control, field monitoring, control strategy implementation policies

Poirot , Rich , ID: RichPoirot
Activity Log: /Central-America/People/ActivityLogs/RichActivityLog1.html
Organization: VT Dept. of Env. Cons.
Interests and Activities: Transport patterns, wildfire smoke in general

Bachmann , John , ID: JohnBachmann
Activity Log: /Central-America/People/ActivityLogs/JohnActivityLog1.html
Organization: U.S. EPA - OAQPS
Interests and Activities: PM health effects and standards, implementation of standards, natural events policy, transport, and research

white , warren , ID: warrenwhite
Activity Log: /Central-America/People/ActivityLogs/warrenActivityLog1.html
Organization: Washington University chemistry department
Interests and Activities: visibility, long-range transport, human observation,ambient fine-particle standard

Falke , Stefan , ID: StefanFalke
Activity Log: /Central-America/People/ActivityLogs/StefanActivityLog1.html
Organization: CAPITA - Washington University
Interests and Activities: Aerosol pattern

Husar , Maja , ID: MajaHusar
Activity Log: /CENTRAL-AMERICA/People/ActivityLogs/MajaActivityLog1.html
Organization: CAPITA - Washington University
Interests and Activities: Web page design

Husar , Rudolf , ID: RudolfHusar
Activity Log: /CENTRAL-AMERICA/People/ActivityLogs/RudolfActivityLog1.html
Organization: CAPITA - Washington University
Interests and Activities: Aerosol pattern, transport, web-based collaboration.

Schichtel , Bret , ID: BretSchichtel
Activity Log: /CENTRAL-AMERICA/People/ActivityLogs/BretActivityLog1.html
Organization: CAPITA - Washington University
Interests and Activities: Air quality, long range transport, and interesting phenomena