The NASA's Earth Science Enterprise Backdrop is in use
The new conference exhibit backdrop for the Earth Science Enterprise Program is now in use at various scientific meetings. It is 20x10 feet in size, with back lighting. Here is a picture of the backdrop designer, Winnie Humberson at the December 98 San Francisco AGU meeting exhibition.
Submitted by Husar Rudolf on 12/12/98
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Mission To Planet Earth: NASA's Program to Understanding Our Changing Planet
A new approach to studying the Earth's interconnections. Scientific challenge: how do the Earth's land, water, air, and life interact to produce the environment in which we live? RecID: RudolfHusar1
Submitted by Husar Rudolf on 11/26/97 RecID: RudolfHusar1
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The task at hand: Global 3D image construction for MTPE poster
NASA is designing on a new 10'(h)x 20'(w) Mission to Planet Earth/Earth Observing System conference exhibit backdrop as illustrated on the Home page. The centerpiece is a large synthetic image of the world. This section is a shorthand list of e-mail messages that discuss the creation of the 3D globe image. RecID: RudolfHusar
Submitted by Husar Rudolf on 11/26/97 RecID: RudolfHusar
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