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BARTHE , Pierre , ID: PierreBARTHE
Activity Log: /MTPEPoster/People/ActivityLogs/PierreActivityLog1.html
Organization: PBASoft EURL (France)
Interests and Activities: Company products under development : Realtime landscapes visualisation : the PBASoft ESG (Extended Scene Graph technology) enables the visualisation of large scale environments on multiple platforms (renderings are performed either through DirectX or OpenGL): entire planets can be visualized and are handled through the ESG architecture .

The product is under test right now and screen shots will be available soon , coming with technical insights in a few from

Herring , David , ID: DavidHerring
Activity Log: /MTPEPoster/People/ActivityLogs/DavidActivityLog1.html
Organization: Terra Project Science
Interests and Activities: See and see

Chesters , Dennis , ID: DennisChesters
Activity Log: /MTPEPoster/People/ActivityLogs/DennisActivityLog1.html
Organization: NASA-Goddard - Climate and Radiation Research
Interests and Activities: GOES Project, upper tropospheric water vapor, total column ozone, data visualization

Moulin , Cyril , ID: CyrilMoulin
Activity Log: /MTPEPoster/People/ActivityLogs/CyrilActivityLog1.html
Interests and Activities: Satellite aerosol detection, ocean color

Harriss , Robert , ID: RobertHarriss
Activity Log: /MTPEPoster/People/ActivityLogs/RobertActivityLog1.html
Organization: Texas A&M U.
Interests and Activities: Sustainable Development, Remote Sensing, Design for Environment, Conflict Analysis & Dispute Resolution, Urban-Industrial Dynamics, Public Understanding of Science and Technology

schwartz , stephen e. , ID: stephene.schwartz
Activity Log: /MTPEPoster/People/ActivityLogs/stephen e.ActivityLog1.html
Organization: brookhaven national laboratory
Interests and Activities: aerosol geographical distribution and properties relative to radiative forcing of climate

King , Michael , ID: MichaelKing
Activity Log: /MTPEPoster/People/ActivityLogs/MichaelActivityLog1.html
Organization: Goddard Space Flight Center
Interests and Activities: Initiator and superviser of the MPTE/EOS Backdrom project, EOS Senior Project Scientist

Humberson , Winnie , ID: WinnieHumberson
Activity Log: /MTPEPoster/People/ActivityLogs/WinnieActivityLog1.html
Organization: Hughes STC Corp.
Interests and Activities: Responsible for MTPE Backdrop design, contractor with NASA GSFC.

Husar , Rudolf , ID: RudolfHusar
Activity Log: /MTPEPoster/People/ActivityLogs/RudolfActivityLog1.html
Organization: CAPITA, Washington University
Image design rationale, implementation, web-based community building

Webmaster , ID: Webmaster
Activity Log: /MTPEPoster/People/ActivityLogs/WebmasterActivityLog1.html
Organization: CAPITA, Washington University
Website maintenance

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