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Need Global Image for MTPE Backdrop
Dr. Husar, I am an contractor who support directly under Michael King for the Earth Observing System at Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt Maryland. About three years ago, I contacted you for use your image--synthetic image of long-term oceanic aerosol pattern, continental vegetation index and daily cloud cover, for MODIS brochure. We rec'd a lots of very nice comments about this particular image. We are now designing on a new 10'(h)x 20'(w) Mission to Planet Earth/Earth Observing System conference exhibit (backdrop). This 20'wide exhibit display will have back lite, with the 3-D cloud cover will really make this new EOS display a rather unique. We are asking your help by suply this image in a high resolution with largest size as you can provide. I am sending you a sample of the display in Fexd today to give some idea what this exhibit would look with your image as a center piece. [10/27/97]
Submitted by Humberson Winnie on 1/2/98
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Re: Need Global Image for MTPE Backdrop
Winnie, I am honored for the cosideration of our 3DGlobe image as part of the MTPE new backdrop. When do you need it? The person who made the image now works for Microsoft in Seattle. He is willing to help us putting the software components back together again and produce a higher resolution image. However, he will need some time. The old image used in the MOSIS broshure is attached.
Submitted by Husar Rudolf on 1/2/98
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Re: Re: Need Global Image for MTPE Backdrop
Dr. Husar, thanks for the images that you ftp'd to me. Unfortunately, the low resolution was not usable for enlargement for the display. Well, I had just spoke to Michael King about the possibility of waiting for your ex-programmers to come though with the higher resolution image using new data sets. He agrees to wait for the proper size of image rather to rush into a less desirable result just to meet the November deadline. [29 Oct 1997]
Submitted by Humberson Winnie on 1/2/98
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Progress Report on 3D Globe Images
This is a brief progress report on the status of the 3DGlobe 'project'. My former colleagues are now reassembling the 3D rendering software and testing the procedures for the creation of the 3DGlobe images. I have also contacted U of Wisconsin to obtain a higher resolution global IR cloud composite image. Luckily I have located a 5000x2500 pixel version and it looks gorgeous. I am also getting a 3600x1800 pixel Land Vegetation layer from Peter Smith, Goddard. I should have something to show soon. The oceanic aerosol layer remains to be of coarse resolution (360x180) but we can render the data smoothly, so it will not be too granular. Once we have the data gathering and the software done, I would need to check a few things with Michael King regarding the scientific integrity of the piece.
Submitted by Husar Rudolf on 1/2/98
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Prototype High Resolution Globe Image
Winnie, the prototype high-resolution image for the MTPE/EOS backdrop is now done. You will find it through the web page:

I am not very happy with the coloring of the NDVI land data. Also there are many issues regarding the content of the data layers. Now that the system is back in operation, and have hi-res data, we can experiment with different ideas.

As you will note, we have set up an interactive web-domain for possible discussion among the interested 'community' members. With this note I am asking Michael King what he thinks of the idea of a short (say one-month) web-based discussion forum to aid polishing the product? Perhaps some members of the EOS science team might have some ideas to share. I would be interested in approaching a number of my own friends for ideas and advice. But, lets face it, I would like to have some fun playing with this Web phenomenon...[8 Dec 1997]

Submitted by Husar Rudolf on 1/2/98
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Re: Prototype High Resolution Globe Image
I received your print of the new image for the MTPE/EOS Backdrop. It looks very nice. Perhaps the newer SeaWiFS NDVI would be an improvement. It captures many aspects of the Earth's atmosphere and surface that I like. Thanks for helping with this.

I have no problem with Web idea idea. One of the visualization gurus here at GSFC, who has not seen your image, is Fritz Hasler ( Perhaps he should be invited to comment as well.[8 Dec 1997]

Submitted by King Michael on 1/2/98
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Globe Image with SeaWiFS Landcover Done
Michael, I have looked into the possible use of the SeaWiFS images for the Land cover. Those images are terrific! I am proposing to use the 'true color' (450, 550 and 650 nm) composite for the land since it is so close to what the eye would see. Also, they have a 4500x3000 image on the SeaWiFS Website, ready for use. The current composite image (Dec 30,97) uses the SeaWiFS land data.

By the way, it is worth checking out the Central California haze layer on Christmas day through SeaWiFS' eyes.( This is how I always imagined the winter smog over the San Joaquin Valley but actually seeing it is breathtaking. Will MODIS will be even better?

Submitted by Husar Rudolf on 1/2/98
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