Movie: AIRS ozone comparison with simulated ozone precursor transport, morphed ozone + emissions dispersion:7/92


The ozone monitoring data from the AIRS database is compared to the simulated transport of ozone precursors, using CAPITA the Monte Carlo Model (July 18 - 25, 1992) with two hour time steps. The ozone transport simulation is the same movie as Ozone transport simulation using the CAPITA Monte Carlo model .


To see how well the simple simulation of ozone precursor transport compares to the pattern of ozone indicated by the measured data during an ozone episode in the Eastern US.


The contoured plots of the AIRS ozone data were created by performing a linear interpolation (i.e. morphing) between the 2:00 PM ozone data. The methodology for the model simulation of ozone transport is discussed in the description of the movie Ozone transport simulation using the CAPITA Monte Carlo model .


The crude transport simulation of ozone precursors compares reasonably well with the measured data. On 7/18 the high ozone precursor concentration (red dots) is located around Pennsylvania and West Virginia. The paricle motion indicates transport to the east, Maryland-Massachusetss. On 7/19, the entire Washington-Boston megalopolis showed elevated (>80 ppb) ozone levels. Evidently, some of the ozone was transported to the megalopolis from the Ohio river basin. Note the Candadian cold front ventilating New England on July 21.

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