OTAG Air Quality Analysis Work Group Conference Call Nov.30, 1995


Anvar, Pravin
Brown, Larry
Colon, Bob
Cornelius, Wayne
Elson, John
Guinnup, Dave
Husar, Rudy
Jensen, John
Lewis, Jacky
Long, David
Poirot, Rich
Rao, S.T.

[This could be a 'hot' list with links to the individuals at the People section. The affiliation, address, areas of interests could be deposited there. - RBH]

Review of Ozone Measurements and Modeling. Enviroplan Corp. is preparing a literature review on regional ozone. A draft will be presented at the Dec. 4 Policy Group meeting. Some OTAG/AQA members expressed interest in a copy of the report. [It would be useful to place a copy on the OTAG Web domain.- RBH]
Biogenic Emissions Database. Biogenic emissions data have high uncertainty. Biogenic inventories need verification. Could PAMS data be used for verification? Roger Randolph has a report on the topic.
Ozone/Precursor Database for Model Comparison . The OTAG modeling work group is interested in an ozone/precursor data set that is suitable for model verification. A request was transmitted to the Air Quality Analysis work group to prepare an ozone/precursor data set with special consideration to the identification and filtering of locally influenced monitoring sites. The compatible air quality and the modeling data (common space, time, parameters) are to be shared electronically through Internet.

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