Relationship Between Ozone Concentrations and Sources

The format in which the questions are presented reflects four points of view:

Specific technical question to the OTAG/AQA work group
      Policy Question: The corresponding policy question
      Rationale: Rationale and background for the question
      Possible Answer: Possible answers - Ďlose cannoní, provocative answers

Does an emission of ozone contribute to ambient ozone levels?
Policy Question: Should the emission of ozone (from corona treaters, for example) be regulated when it reverts back to oxygen almost immediately after disharge?
Rationale: Ozone generated by ionization of clean air, is typically very short lived andno mechanism remains to re-form ozone.
Possible Answer: Ozone from ionization of clean air should not be regulated as a discharge or combined with ambient ozone levels for the purposes of demonstrating compliance with ozone standards. OSHA should continue to regulate employee exposure to ozone. on 1/6/00

What is ozone's source and function? on 5/27/98

Are current ozone models consistent with ambient and lab data?
Policy Question: Are physico-chemical models suitable for control policy evaluation?
Rationale: Models need to be validated with field data
Possible Answer: Ozone models perform super. In fact, much better then data
Submitted by Rudolf Husar on 4/4/96 RecID: RudolfHusar3

Can ambient data yield information/verification of precursor emission rates?
Policy Question: How could the emission estimates be made more credible?
Rationale: If emissions can be inferred independently, policy is more sound
Possible Answer: Emission inventories are OK here but not so there
Submitted by Rudolf Husar on 4/4/96 RecID: RudolfHusar2

Do precursor concentration Source correspond to respective emission data?
Policy Question: Can I believe the precursor emission inventories?
Rationale: If not, ???
Possible Answer: Measured precursors match emission data, sometimes
Submitted by Rudolf Husar on 4/4/96 RecID: RudolfHusar1

What is the spatio-temporal Source of precursors, NOx, VOC, PAMS-species?
Policy Question: Are precursors anthropogenic (controllable) or natural?
Rationale: We still donít know
Possible Answer: Itís them trees, everywhere
Submitted by Rudolf Husar on 4/3/96 RecID: RudolfHusar

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