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The OTAG/AQA Website is located on the "Butler" server which is physically located at the Center for Air Pollution Impactand Trend Analysis (CAPITA) in the School of Engineering at Washington University, St. Louis, MO, USA. CAPITA does air quality-related research, disseminates data, reports and software and hosts WWW domains for several organizations.

The purpose of this site is to develop a thoughtful assessment and a consensus agreement for reducing regional background ozone and its precursors, explicitly addressing inter-regional ozone transport over the Eastern US. Thoughtful assessment is supported by policy-relevant data from AIRS and other sources. The data analysis for assessment is distributed over a diverse group of participants but the data used, the processing tools, and the results are shared through the links on this Web site. Critical evaluation and consensus-building is encouraged by interactive annotation facilities for feedback and comments on specific facts or general issues. The Air Quality Analysis workgroup is subordinate to the larger Ozone Transport Assessment Group.

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