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Voyager Script
I have been doing research about the air quality by using
"Hourly US AIRS Data" in CAPITA. Voyager software makes me
deal with those data sets in terms of visualization and data
For the further analyses, I have tried to export data for
several locations with ASCII format. However, the software
allows me to select and export data only for "one" location.
I think if I can use programming by SCRIPT, I can choose and
export data of "multiple" receptors.

Does anyone know how to select multiple locations or how to
write a SCRIPT programming in Voyager?
Any sample or reference for VOYAGER SCRIPT will be very
helpful for me.
Thank you in advance.
Submitted by Hag-Yeol Kim on 5/14/97 RecID: Hag-YeolKim

New Web Server Hardware and Software at CAPITA
The OTAG AQA Web server hardware has been upgraded to a Penthium Pro 200 Mhz, 96MB Memory, 9 Gig Hard drive system. Also, we have switched to the Microsoft Web server software. The net result should be faster response, and more reliability. Will see. Our fingers are crossed. Let me know of problems. Follow the link to my e-mail.
Submitted by Rudolf Husar on 3/3/97 RecID: RudolfHusar6

Can I Put in a Link to TUT
Could we add a link on the web resources page to the otag emissions data web server (aka tut) at
Submitted by Richard Poirot RecID RichardPoirot
Yes, you can. In fact, you should!
Addig Web links to the OTAG/AQA Website should be done mainly by the group, not by the Webmaster. Go to the Web resources page and fill out a link-submisson form. As of March 1996, the number of links is rather limited.
I subsribe to the theory that ultimatly, the Web will grow like the neurons in the brain, by establishing 'meaninful' connections.
Submitted by Rudolf Husar RecID: RudolfHusar5

What's new page (is it a whats new page?)
The what's new page is not exactly what I expected to see. It looks more like a genaral comment page about the site.
Submitted by Attila Husar RecID AttilaHusar

web browser guidance
You probably know that these pages can look quite different, depending on which web browser the user connects with. For example, on assorted computers, I've tried several different versions of Netscape, AOL, and Microsoft Browsers (with the latest Netscape my personal favorite). With some other brow...
Submitted by Richard Poirot RecID RichardPoirot4
Using Different Browsers
When creating the OTAG/AQA website, it was difficult to keep in touch with all the different browsers on the market. Many browsers are often created overnight for assorted specific purposes. The only way to create a website which could be compatible with all of these browsers would be to create a text-only website. While possible, this approach creates a very bland site and in certain ways limits the amount of information conveyed to the user.

The approach which we chose to pursue is a modest site with somewhat limited graphics and animation (download time considerations) designed around the parameters of Netscape versions 2.0 or better. The rationale behind this approach stems from the fact that Netscape is still the most popular browser around as well as the most capable in terms of features. We also test the appearance and functionality of our site on the Microsoft Browser, Internet Explorer, the second most popular browser. The browsers from Netscape and Microsoft are far superior than any other browser that I have seen. Both of the browsers are also available for free download from their respective sites.

We will continue to research the field of format and compatibility to make it easier to transfer information across the net. We are currently working on the portable document format (or pdf) for papers and reports. Any suggestions as to format and compatibility would be greatly appreciated since it is impossible for us to test everything from every different format.
Submitted by Webmaster RecID: Webmaster5

Additional OTAG Information
Attention OTAG Members, OTAG information, such as memos and meeting minutes, are now available by Internet E-Mail. This is a faster and more efficient transfer of information for the majority of participating OTAG members and interested parties. A complete listing of OTAG members, including E-Mail addresses, will also be posted on the TTN bulletin board soon to enable you to communicate directly with others. An Internet E-Mail has been set up at Walcoff to receive messages or materials related to workgroup, subgroup, and policy group activities. Please send your responses to:
Submitted by Cliff Michaelsen RecID CliffMichaelsen

Ozone Layer Animation
Where is the series of gif files referenced below and in the "What's New" section:
2/8/96 - Animated Ozone Layer Map, submitted by Bryan Van Hook An animated sequence of gif files showing the movement of an ozone air
mass moving across the eastern U.S. has been added to the OTAG Home Page. Using the GIF89a format that allows one to have multiple images
within one file.
Submitted by James Hemby RecID JamesHemby
Animation Utility
The gif animation that appears in the table of contents was constructed using The GIF Construction Set for Windows.
Submitted by Webmaster RecID: Webmaster2

Organization of the section and description of files available
While I think it appropriate to include the name of the submitter (actual, not individual who actually loads the file on the Web site), I am concerned that defining a section as "assembled and submitted by XXXXX" on the Web site is unduly limiting and a distiction without relevance. I am particularly referring to the section cited as Rich Poirot's data sets - my apologies Rich nothing personal. I believe a more substantively descriptive title would serve the page better.

In addition, I continue to suggest that the available datasets and movie files are not well documented on the site. Further, I was referred to a section of the site named: "/OTAG/Data/JulyHiElev/JulyHiElevPoirot.html" for more detailed descriptions - why is this not easily linked to the dataset sections? I would never have found it if not given exact instructions. This seems limiting to me.

Finally, have online (obviously unzipped) animations been considered? Seems simple to make this available to those using Netscape and running the Movie program from Voyager as a "helper application".
Submitted by James Hemby RecID JamesHemby1

Many of the buttons have no links. Most of the figures have no captions on the enlargement when you click on them. Table 1 with the VOC data does not enlarge when you click on it so that it is illegible when printed.Several of the pictures lose their legends when printed. What works is pretty nifty. Congratulations.
Submitted by Alan Hansen RecID AlanHansen

Need for more detailed descriptions
The descriptions of the data sets seem a little too brief. At a minimum, they should include an indication of (unzipped) file type (.voy or .mov). Also I get many questions about movie preparred by CAPITA. Could someone there post up a written description of what is displayed in that movie.
Submitted by Richard Poirot RecID RichardPoirot1

Meeting to Discuss Need for Responsible Behavior Among OTAG People
We really need to get together on this kind of information.
Submitted by anonymous RecID anonymous
Registration to Precede Submissions
The dorp-down list box now eliminates the need to input your name when making a submission -- all you have to do is select your name from the box. The box is produced "on-the-fly" which means it is always up-to-date. The introduction of this new feature eliminates the option of anonymous submissions which do not coincide with the goals of scientific research.
Submitted by Webmaster RecID: Webmaster4

Just spent the better part of the morning showing Bill Hunt (EMAD DIVISION DIRECTOR) and his suobordinate managers this Web site and they were duly impressed. We even plan to visit to the upper echelons of OAQPS management to show it (and dome of the animations off). But was wondering if this shouldn't also be pointed at from the EPA Home Page and if anyone had suggestions about going about that.
Submitted by James Hemby RecID JamesHemby2
Just submitted a request to the EPA webmaster for a link to this domain from their Environmental Links page. Anyone should feel free to submit this domain's URL to any other pertinent domains. The more people who see this domain, the better.
Submitted by Webmaster RecID: Webmaster3

Identifying File Types
Can an identifier be added to the descriptions indicate what formnat the files after decompression. This will help to minimize unnecessary downloads. For example, I want to download all the .MOV, .AVI, .FLI files currently available on the OTAG server. How do I locate them?
Submitted by James Hemby RecID JamesHemby3

How do I submit short and longer comments?
All this neat interactive stuff on the web server looks like it will be an effort to maintain? It seems like you have it well-automated, but I am not quite sure how to use the automated comments myself. For example, (how) might I have sent either of the recent WP documents (or just a block of ASCII text) to get it posted in an appropriate location?
Submitted by Richard Poirot RecID RichardPoirot2
Publishing Documents
If you are in need of assistance with submitting just comments, the Interactive help section is the place to look. However, if you are interested in putting a previously written document on this site, e-mail OTAG/AQA Support and describe its content, size, and format. We will then tell you how you can ftp the document to our server so that we might translate it into html language.
Submitted by Webmaster RecID: Webmaster1

Other Working Groups
The Web site needs to be expanded (especially this section) to include all other OTAG working group contacts.
Submitted by James Hemby RecID JamesHemby4

Complete listing
Husar or the facilitating contractor should collect all relevant data from ALL working group members and add it to this page. We need a complete reference listing of all invovled - even those without Web navigation capability.
Submitted by James Hemby RecID JamesHemby5

Post an announcement about this OTAG/AQA Website on the EPA TTN bulletin board.
Anything that can stimulate use/discussion on the OTAG/AQA Website seems desirable. One thing we should do is post a message in the OTAG section of EPA TTN bulletin board.
Submitted by Richard Poirot RecID RichardPoirot3

Add phone and fax numbers on the Peoples list record
Should we add phone and fax numbers to the fields in the People list? Maybe even their address? Then we could use this page as an Address Roladex for OTAG. Most people don't have a Web home page that has this info on it. But would this infringe on their privacy? Too much trouble to fill out these forms? Opinions, anyone?
Submitted by Rudolf Husar RecID RudolfHusar
Re: Add phone and fax numbers on the Peoples list record
I think phone numbers, addresses, etc. make sense.

It will only be a privacy issue if it is not optional.
Submitted by Frederick Fendt RecID FrederickFendt

Re: Add phone and fax numbers on the Peoples list record
Phone and Fax should be an option
Submitted by Attila Husar RecID AttilaHusar1

LinkBar Modification
Feedback and support buttons added. Use the feedback button to give comments, notes, and ideas that will be automatically added to the current list for that page. Navigational buttons separated from search, help, feedback, and support buttons.
Submitted by Rudolf Husar RecID RudolfHusar1

Comment and Feedback Forms Added to Several Pages
Comments and feedback are supported and encouraged form-based communication among the users and with the Website managers. Need feedback on feedback on feedback..
Submitted by Rudolf Husar RecID RudolfHusar2

Self-registering Pages Added
Users can self-register in the People's list. Similar interactive, user-driven pages are being prepared.
Submitted by Rudolf Husar RecID RudolfHusar3

Initial Layout of the OTAG/AQA WWW Home Page completed
A preliminary design of the OTAG/AQA Home page is presented for evaluation and comments by the Air Quality Analysis Workgroup.
Submitted by Rudolf Husar RecID RudolfHusar4

OTAG/AQA Web Server Discussed with EPA
The idea of the OTAG Web server for the OTAG Air Quality Analysis Workgroup was outlined at a meeting, EPA-RTP. Bill Hunt- EPA-OAQPS, Dave Guinnup-EPA OAQPS, Rich Poirot- Vermont DEC, Rudolf Husar-CAPITA Washintgton University
Submitted by Webmaster RecID Webmaster

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