Should I register, even if I am just a casual observer?

YES! Always register with the peoples page. This allows you to submit comments and feedback and allows us to keep track of who is visiting the website. Registering with the peoples page also allows you to put a signature on your comment giving the opportunity to the browser of direct communication to you via e-mail.

What is meant by "interactive"?

The term "interactive" is used throughout the domain in reference to the ability of the browser to submit their own work or comments regaurding other people's work. The best place for general discussion on just about anything is the forum. Specific comments on specific works on the website can be made on the attached comment pages accompanying each report or data set located on the OTAG/AQA server.

How can I submit a document to be listed on the website?

Documents such as reports, discussion documents, software utilities, or other webresources may be listed on the site by just pressing the "submit new entry" button located on the bottom of the page and filling out the presented form.

I have a document, but it is not on the Internet, only on a disk. How can I share it with others on the Internet?

If you have a document and would like to share it, but do not have the facilities to put it on the Internet, you may e-mail OTAG/AQA support and tell us what the document is and the format which it is in and we will guide you through the steps necessary to use the FTP site located on our server. Once on the server, we will reformat it accordingly, list the document in the appropriate area, automatically attach a Comment/Feedback page.

What is "RecId"?

A "RecId", or Record Identification, is a unique string of numbers and letters (consisted of your name and an assigned number) attached to every record which gives the record a location within its page. The RecId allows specific reference to a record without having to sift through all the records on the page. RecIds are automatically inserted by the computer and the only time you must consider them is if you want to make specific reference to a record.