This Website is designed to provide maximum interaction at minimum complexity. Most interaction on this domain takes place in the various forums listed under the forum page. Still, other interaction can take place on specific documents themselves such as comments and feedback to reports and datasets located on the OTAG/AQA website server. Interaction is initiated by three buttons located throughout the domain: "Submit New Entry", "Submit Comment", and "Respond". When pressing any of these buttons, a form will be presented, these forms must be thouroughly completed from whence a new record will be created.

You must register with the OTAG/AQA Peoples Page in order to add any new entry of any sort.

In the "Submit New Entry", "Respond", and "Submit Comments" forms, the following fields will appear:

In the "Registration" form, the following fields will appear:

After completely filling out the form, press the "submit" button. Your record will then appear at the top of the page in the format which it will ultimately appear on the respective records page. Check to see if there are any errors. If there is a mistake in the entry, you may change it in the section following the verification form. After the corrections have been made, press the submit button at the bottom of the page. Reload the record page to see your entry.

If you make a mistake in the text of your new submission, you may e-mail support and describe the error so that we may make the appropriate changes.