The pages in this domain are organized as a single hierarchical document structure. Navigation between the linked documents is facilitated by the navigational buttons in the Linkbar:

The Linkbar also contains access to a word search facility, OTAG/AQA support, and the help page. The Linkbar is located at the bottom of each page. When a button is not outlined with a blue frame, then it is not linked.

Some pages (Comment Pages) only have two buttons, the home page button and one page up button. This abbreviated Linkbar is attached to pages which should not be accessed without first consulting the page which it is attached and subordinate to.

Navigational Buttons

Home Page links to the domain's top page.

One page up displays the page above the current one in the hierarchical document.

Previous section displays the previous adjacent sibling in the hierarchical document.

Next section displays the next sibling in the document.

Domain outline button will call up a map outline of the domain.

Search, Support, and Help Buttons

Search button will prompt a keyword search in the domain.

Navigation help accesses this help document.

Support button links to the Support Page.