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Welcome to Solta

Yacht Marina in Stomorska

Sailing fans can now spend a night or restock in Stomorska. Moorings provides refuge from all winds.

Capacity: 20 boats
Depth: Start - 2.5m   End - 5m
Mooring length: 20- 35m
Water, Electricity
Mooring man present at all times

There are 3 shops in immediate vicinity of the moorings. A dozen bars and restaurants is within walking distance.

More information: stomorska@hotmail.com

Solta now has the official web site: www.solta.hr. Check it out to find more reasons to come and visit our beautiful island.
Tourist agency has just opened in Stomorska! Call for apartment information and reservations.
Tel/fax: (+385.21) 658.404
Email: info@weber.hr
You can now find the history of Maria's Sanctuary on Solta at this new page added to the Culture section.
View the images of Solta's churches at this new page added to the Culture section.


Fig leaf Welcome to the Solta internet island. Browse these pages to learn about the Croatian island of Solta, its history and culture, and to meet others related to Solta on the net.

Solta is an island in the middle of Dalmatia, a coastal part of Croatia. It is only one hour away from Split, the economic and cultural center of Dalmatia. The natural beauty of Solta has attracted and inspired many well known people. In 295 AD the Roman Emperor Diokletian built his fishery in one of Solta's bays.

The father of Croatian literature, Marko Marulic, wrote parts of "Judita" while spending his leisure time on Solta. In 1555, in honor of Marko Marulic, another great poet, Petar Hektorovic, wrote "Ribanje i Ribarsko Prigovaranje". In the poem he describes his fishing voyage to Necujam, the purpose of which was to remember Marulic.

Today, Solta remains as an oasis of untouched natural beauty, because of the lack of industry and tourism. The traditional way of life is still preserved: As the sun comes up the day begins. Fishermen take to the seas, while you walk to town to get freshly backed bread, home made wine and the daily portion of the town's gossip. As you enjoy your morning coffee and talk about yesterday's events, the fishermen come back offering their catch.

After a day filled with activities like wind surfing, swimming, and fixing little things around the house, you and your friends sip wine, enjoying grilled fish and watching the sunset behind the distant mountains.

Interactive Map

Geographic Characteristics

Middle-dalmatian island
Distance from Split: 15 km (9 nm)
Length: 19 km
Width: 3 km
Area: 57 km2


Typically mediterranean
Winds: Bura (north), Jugo (south), Maestral (west)
Average temperature in January 7.8 C
Average temperature in July 28.3 C
Annual precipitation 850 mm (mainly autumn - winter)
Average sea temperature during summer 22 - 25 C


1500 inhabitants

Ecological paradise!

Sailing boat According to its land area, Solta belongs to the medium sized group of adriatic islands. However, judging it by its natural endowments, it is certainly amongst the most beautiful. A mere 16km, or 9 nautical miles from Split, with its 60km of coastline interspersed with four harbours and 24 bays, it offers the visitor quick approach and a safe, pleasant stay. Taking advantage of modern fast boats, one can reach Solta within 15 to 20 minutes. The island's harbours and bays have a capacity to accomodate some thousand boats, while the numerous natural beaches offer sufficient space for many more swimmers.

The island's civilization goes back as far as the time of the Illyrians. Roman head During the Roman era its purpose was specific: it was used as a crossroad by passing ships, a supply station for the coastal roads, but most for all, as a safe haven. All of those historical facts were documented up until today. Furthermore, there are over 200 hundred excavation sites on the island, giving evidence of events from the later stone-age up until more recent times. Pre-historic rock formations, roman sarcophaguses, mosaics, early christian buildings and rustic fortified castles. It was because of this rustic architecture that Solta became well-known long ago. Roman angel But today it is appreciated mainly because of its virgin landscape. The southern side of the island with its breathtaking bays, beaches, islets and cliffs is particularly beautiful. The surrounding sea nurtures a great variety of fish, offering a luxuriant opportunity for all sorts of recreational fishing.

The flora found on the island is of no lesser value; with its 2000ha of unspoilt mediterranean vegetation, including trees, bushes and Peasant grasses, it lures the visitor to take a deep breath of the fragrant air and experience ancient Mediteran, the cradle of civilization. Apart from plants which flower here 10 months of the year, a wealth of aromatic plants and species await to be discovered. Throughout the centuries the indigenous vegetation was enriched by man who planted olive, fig, and almond trees, laid out vineyards and initiated agriculture. In this ecologically pure, biologically priceless atmosphere, vegetation thrives. Solta has always been, and still Fisherman remains, the perfect combination of land, sea, air, nature, and man. And this treasure is what Solta offers visitors tired of modern urban life.

One summer spent on Solta will make you dream of it for the rest of your life.

These pages are maintained on voluntary basis by a group of people who love Solta. If you can contribute information and/or pictures about Solta please contact us. If you would like to get in touch with other Soltans please register in our Soltani Page. You are visitor number since 20 March 1996.

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