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Submitted by b steve on 10/12/00
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XML/XSL Portal
An XML/XSL Portal containing examples demos and resources
Submitted by Bayes Chris on 7/31/00
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Free and Commercial XSLT/XPath Training Material
A free download preview excerpt (useful in its own right) of the commercial XSLT/XPath training material: "Practical Transformation Using XSLT and XPath (XSL Transformations and the XML Path Language)" (Seventh Edition - ISBN-1-894049-04-7)
Submitted by Holman Ken on 3/21/00
RecID: XSLResources.KenHolman
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XSL:P XSLT Processor
XSL:P is a free open source XSLT processor written Java. It currently implements the 19990421 XSLT Working Draft and most of the 19990709 XSLT Working Draft.
Submitted by Visco Keith on 7/22/99
RecID: XSLResources.KeithVisco
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Koala XSL engine
An XSL processor written in Java, using the Simple API for XML ( SAX 1.0) and the Document Object Model ( DOM 1.0) API. This package also contains xslSlideMaker , a post-processor that can quickly make slides and multi-level slides with XML & XSL .
Submitted by CALLES Jeremy on 9/14/98
RecID: XSLResources.JeremyCALLES
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XSL Requirements Summary
The W3C working draft of the XSL standard.
Submitted by Van Hook Bryan on 5/13/98
RecID: XSLResources.BryanVanHook7
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Robin Cover's XSL Resources
Here you will find almost anything you could possibly want to know about XSL.
Submitted by Van Hook Bryan on 5/2/98
RecID: XSLResources.BryanVanHook6
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XSL Software
We provide XML and XSL softwares for beta tests, and normative tests. first of it is IRIS XML DTD GENERATOR, which can permit to edit, and/or create DTDs. It will also permit in the next beta (beta 2) to save the DTD as an XML-Datas schema.

The second XML software is IRIS XML EDITOR, (beta 1 coming soon !!!) an XML EDITOR with a project notion (like our HTML EDITOR, ODYSSEE), XML Files can easily being edited in a text view, or in a TreeView. We also provide a visualisation of the XML file through an XSL StyleSheet.

The XSL Software, named IRIS XSL STYLER, permit to edit an XSL Stylesheet easily through a text view, and/or through and hierarchical (rule oriented) view. IRIS XSL STYLER also provide a preview feature. The beta 1 version is coming soon !!!

Comments and whishes are welcome. International software (bi-lingual : French / english choose language from File / fichier menu).

Copyright Mars 1998 CEI Alain DESEINE

Submitted by DESEINE Alain on 5/1/98
RecID: XSLResources.AlainDESEINE
Comment/Feedback URL: alain@cabinfo.com

Microsoft's XSL Processor
This page is the central resource for information about Microsoft's set of XSL processors. The first processor, written in Java, is a fully validating parser. The second processor, written in C++, was designed with speed and efficiency in mind and therefore does not validate XML documents.
Submitted by Van Hook Bryan on 4/28/98
RecID: XSLResources.BryanVanHook5
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Mulberry Technologies: XSL Discussion Group
Mulberry Technologies manages one of the only XSL discussion groups around. They've had great success so far (over 140 new subscribers in the first day of operation!).
Submitted by Van Hook Bryan on 4/28/98
RecID: XSLResources.BryanVanHook4
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W3C: eXtensible Style Language
The W3C's official site for XSL related topics. This site is a very good source of information for anyone interested in learning more about XSL!
Submitted by Van Hook Bryan on 4/28/98
RecID: XSLResources.BryanVanHook3
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James Tauber's XSL Resources
Another set of links to resources related to XSL compiled by James Tauber.
Submitted by Van Hook Bryan on 4/28/98
RecID: XSLResources.BryanVanHook2
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Frank Boumphrey's XSL Tutorial
This resource contains several short XSL tutorials written by Frank Boumphrey. There are also several links to other XSL resources.
Submitted by Van Hook Bryan on 4/28/98
RecID: XSLResources.BryanVanHook1
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Extensible Style Sheets JumpStart
This resource contains a well organized and expandable list of XSL resources compiled by Jeremie Miller.
Submitted by Van Hook Bryan on 4/28/98
RecID: XSLResources.BryanVanHook
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