The Current Aerosol Weather

On-line aerosol data available on the Web


NASA SeaWiFS Satellite

Global Coverage - Daily True Color Images

Regions: WCoast, GMexico, GrLakes, MAtlantic, SAtlantic, Mediteran

NASA Earth Probe Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer TOMS

TOMS Absorbing Aerosol Index-N America Daily Maps

NOAA NESDIS Environmental Products - Aerosols

AVHRR Aerosol Optical Thickness -Daily Analysis

AVHRR Aerosol Optical Thickness -Weekly Analysis

NASA RSD - U Hawaii Public Geostationary Satellite Data

GOES 8 Amazon: Visible (0.6), IR2 (4), IR3 (WaterV), IR4 (10.7), IR5 (6.5um)

Regions (Visible): Yucatan, Mexico North,

GOES 9 E Pacific: Visible (0.6), IR2 (4), IR3 (WaterV), IR4 (10.7), IR5 (6.5um)

GOES10 C. America: High Resolution

GMS-5 East Asia: Visible - 0.6um, IR1 -!0.7um, IR2 - 4um, IR3 - WaterV

FY-2 India: Visible - 0.6um, IR1 -!0.7um, IR2 - 4um

NOAA Climate Diagnostic Center - Weather Products

Global Surface Wind Vectors - Western Hemisphere

Global Surface Wind Vectors - Eastern Hemisphere

NOAA Defense Meteorological Satellite Program at NGDC, DMSP

Fire Product for: Central America , Brazil , Africa , Madagascar , Indonesia , Australia


NOAA' Significant Events - Satellite Imagery

European Space Agency - Earth Waching

The GOES Gallery at U. Wisconsin - CIMSS

Chester's Hot Stuff from the - GOES Project

Global Fire Monitoring at - NASA GSFC



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