Toward a More Efficient Transboundary Exchange of Air Quality Data

Presented at International Clean Air Conference, St John, New Brunswick on 5/31/96

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Table of Contents



3 Transboundary Episodes

Frame from Flow Visualization Movie

1985 SOx and NOx Emissions

1980 Sulfate Aerosol and Deposition

12/89 US Background Arsenic

1989 Arsenic in Underhill, VT

VT Arsenic and SO2 in Montreal

VT Trajectories on High Arsenic Days

Ontario Trajectories on High As/Se Days

VT Arsenic Trajectories, Revisited

Improving VT Arsenic Trend

Maine Uses Canadian AES Trajectories

7/21/94 Ozone Episode Along Maine Coast

8-Hour Ozone Along Maine Coast

8-Hour Ozone Along Maine Coast & Eastern Canadian Provinces

US/Canadian Data Interface

Example Frame From Scotia Prince Movie

Back Trajectories for 7/21/94

Back Trajectories for 7/20/94

Ozone, PM-10 and Sulfate on 8/28/92

Ozone, PM-10 and Sulfate on 8/22/92

Northern US Ozone Progression 8/22-28/92

Southern Can. PM Progression 8/22-28/92

Southern Canada Aerosol Acidity 8/22-27/92

Trajectories for High Canadian PM Days

Trajectories for Low Canadian PM: 8/27/92

PM-2.5 and SO4 in New England: 8/28/92

PM-2.5, SO4, H+ and Trajectories: 8/28/92


Authors: Rich Poirot (VT DEC)

Cliff Michaelsen (ME DEP)

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The presentation also included several Movie animations (in avi format) , which can be downloaded below. The recommended viewer (Movie 4.1) can be obtained by clicking here.

usflw792.avi Size 9,203 KB (6,404 KB zipped): Dynamic flow simulation of airmasses over North America during 7/1-14/1992 (see Slide 4, text).

Scotia3.avi Size 699 KB (22o KB zipped): Surface winds and merged Northeastern US, Eastern Canadian and Scotia Prince Ferry ozone data during 7/19-24/1994 (see Slide 19, text). See also example online gif animation.

pmozsu92.avi Size 672 KB (203 KB zipped): Space/ time patterns of PM-10 and Ozone during June - August, 1992 (see Slide 22 and 23, text). 


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