OTAG-Air Quality Analysis Workgroup

The Air Quality Analysis Workgroup of OTAG has been formed to develop analyses based on air quality data which can be used to independently check or complement analytical results developed through OTAG emission-based modeling efforts. Specifically, the workgroup's purpose statement reads:

The Air Quality Analysis workgroup shall identify, characterize, compare, and assess observational data and studies including but not limited to air quality trends analysis, overflight data, and meteorological studies for the purpose of evaluating the effects of the transport of ozone and its precursors on ozone nonattainment in the eastern United States.

The domain of activities undertaken by this group will include:

Review of existing air quality studies and analyses
Evaluation of modeling results against available air quality data
Demonstration and quantification of ozone transport
Identification of available data
Selection of modeling episodes - identification of databases and episodes which are clearly relevant to ozone transport
Definition of transport Integration of air quality data and modeled results into a conceptual interpretation of ozone transport for use in policy development

To contribute to the body of analytical knowledge fo these efforts, the Air Quality Analysis workgroup has identified 10 specific tasks that will be performed:

1. Preparation of regional datasets to facilitate visualization and data analysis
2. Statistical analyses of long-term air quality data to place modeled episodes in longer-term context
3. Data visualization and animation to facilitate understanding of transport and communicate analytical results
4. Trends analysis of air quality data from PAMS, SLAMS
5. Trajectory analyses to identify and quantify transport areas
6. Observation-based modeling to corroborate control strategy concepts
7. Analysis of historical air quality data against potential new forms of the ozone standard
8. Aircraft measurement analysis and visualization
9. Compilation of results from previous measurement studies
10. Compilation of final report integrating analytical results

In order to facilitate data and information sharing and coordination, the workgroup's activities include the maintainance of this OTAG Air Quality Analysis Workgroup Web site
The estimated EPA support for these activities is $220,000.

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