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sujuan li has registered on 4/9/01

Re: Zone of Influence on 3/5/01

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Atmospheric Chemistry Research (Particulate Matter) on 1/30/01

How to get 87-99 data? on 1/11/01

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visual compute;GIS;digital image dispose;pollution compute;hydrological modeling; on 12/10/00

n on 11/23/00

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federalism and government regulations on 11/15/00

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Participated in OTAG process working with the Northwest OTAG states on 9/27/00

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-Ag issues and ozone precursor formation -PM and NOx emissions from CAFO's -Talking to professionals to see if this is what I want to do after... on 6/22/00

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Corken manufactures industrial equipment used in SCR systems and ammonia transfer systems. I am a market analyst with Corken, and I am in charge of monitoring... on 5/5/00

Ozone in Atlanta on 4/26/00

Ozone in Atlanta on 4/26/00

Does an emission of ozone contribute to ambient ozone levels? on 1/6/00

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Air Quality Modeling, Control strategies, Air Quality measurement and monitoring, Emission inventories, Biogenic, transport and industrial emissions modeling... on 12/2/99

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Clean Fuels for Vehicles! on 10/10/99

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Modeling and air quality analysis on 8/25/99

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Regulatory analysis and compliance planning, NOx control strategies, policy issues, emissions trading, NOx Budget Rule on 5/5/99

Re: on 2/8/99

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Emissions reduction, Emissions trading, Multiple pollutant emissions reduction reporting and crediting, Including rewards for energy efficiency and renewable... on 1/29/99

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Monitoring and research of ozone and precursors in rural National Parks. Interested in effects of control strategies on rural area ozone concentrations... on 1/6/99

Re: Processed Ambient Data on 1/4/99

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modeling on 12/14/98 torres:ricardo has registered
ozone monitoring on 12/11/98

Meteorological Summary of 1998 Ozone Season, Mid-Atlantic Region
Bill Ryan at UMD has recently posted a draft summary of 1998 meteorological conditions (global, regional, and local) associated with ozone forcasts and observed ozone concentrations in the Mid-Atlantic region. This summary may also be of interest to others investigating meteorological influences on ozone or other pollutants (like PM-2.5) in nearby areas of the Eastern US or Atlantic Canada. on 10/27/98

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Modeling, Transport analysis on 10/27/98

Ontario Emission Reduction Trading Pilot, w/Michigan & Connecticut, new web address
The Pilot Emission Reduction Trading PERT Project is now located at . NOx, SO2, CO, and Greenhouse Gases -- integrated rules of trade... on 10/17/98

North American Integrated Ozone Data Set on 10/14/98

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I am interested in cost-benefit aspects of reductions of ground-level ozone on 9/12/98

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Ozone creation, Ozone transport, LCA, VOC on 8/28/98

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How can I measure ozone? on 8/5/98

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Effects of Ozone on Crop Plants on 7/1/98

on 6/15/98

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air pollution and public health on 6/9/98

What is ozone's source and function? on 5/27/98

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Regional particulate modeling on 4/27/98

has registered on 4/7/98

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Understanding and improving the practice and use of environmental assessments, multi-stakeholder decision-making related to environmental issues, advanced... on 3/17/98

The OTAG Final Report on the Web.
The official OTAG Final Report is now available from the OTAG home page. It made it from the printed final report to the web within half a year. A true...

Ozone SIP call, EPA HQ Press Release
EPA today provided Eastern states with proposed targets for reducing the emissions that create smog problems throughout the eastern part of the United States....

Proposed Rule for Reducing Regional Transport of Ground-Level Ozone (Snog): Fact Sheet
TODAY'S ACTION: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing to require 22 states and the District of Columbia to submit state implementation...

Proposed Rule for Reducing Regional Transport of Ground-Level Ozone (Smog): Federal Register Notice
In accordance with the Clean Air Act (CAA), today's action is a proposed rulemaking to require certain States to submit State implementation plan (SIP)...

An extended abstract containing the transport-related sections of the OTAG AQA Workgroup Executive Summary (Volume I). This abstract is to be presented...

Re: AQA Papers for AWMA - San Diago, June 14-18, 98
The call for papers and the abstract submission form for AWMA San Diago is accessible through the Web: http://
Submitted by Husar Rudolf on 9/18/97

Re: Re: AQA Papers for AWMA - San Diago, June 14-18, 98
As far as I am concerned, the main technical AQA summary paper is the Telling the OTAG Ozone Story...
Submitted by Husar Rudolf on 9/8/97

Re: AQA Papers for AWMA - San Diago, June 14-18, 98
Rudy, how about an overview article on the AQAWG with you as the lead of the Group and some select papers in detail by whoever is interested?

Submitted by RAO S.T. on 9/5/97

AQA Papers for AWMA - San Diago, June 14-18, 98
The AQA group has been rather productive over the past year or two and there is a wealth of high grade and useful AQA material that would be appropria...
Submitted by Husar Rudolf on 9/5/97

Workshop - Air Quality Community Modeling System Attributes and Implementaton
There is a proposed workshop to discuss whether a community modeling system, such as EPA's Models-3, will improve the process of examining and designi...
Submitted by Galluppi Ken on 8/30/97

PAMS Data Analysis: An Investigation of Local Meteorological Effects on Ozone During the OTAG 1995 Episode and the Weekday/Weekend Differences in the Northeast Corridor examined.
This study examined the behavior of ozone and its precursors during the 1995 OTAG episode (i.e., 7-18 July 1995) at sites in the northeast corridor us...
Submitted by Vukovich Jeff on 8/26/97

Galluppi, Ken has registered
Computational environmental modeling and decision support systems
Submitted by Galluppi, Ken on 8/26/97

Fundamentals Of Stack Gas Dispersion
This site is devoted entirely to a description of the book "FUNDAMENTALS OF STACK GAS DISPERSION". The site includes: a general description of the...
Submitted by Beychok Milton on 8/26/97

Fundamentals Of Stack Gas Dispersion
This web site is devoted entirely to a description of the book entitled "FUNDAMENTALS OF STACK GAS DISPERSION". The site includes a general descr...
Submitted by Beychok Milton on 8/26/97

Milton Beychok, Milton has registered
Air pollution dispersion modeling for continuous, Gaussian, buoyant
plumes. Also, dense gas dispersion models and the calculation of
source ter...
Submitted by Beychok, Milton Milton on 8/25/97

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Submitted by TRISKO, GENE GENE on 8/23/97

EPA's New Air Standards Spark Controversy
A report from Chemistry & Industry, dealing with views fromm both sides of the debate over the EPA's proposed standards.
Submitted by Husar Rudlof on 8/14/97

Environmental News: OTAG Recommends ozone controls tailored to pollution transport
A report from Environmental Science & Technology regarding OTAG, EPA, emission standards and pollution transport
Submitted by Schichtel Bret on 8/13/97

Ozone as a Function of Local Wind Speed and Direction. July 26, 97 update
This is an update of an early, May 7, 97 version of the same paper. The fi...
Submitted by Husar Rudolf on 8/6/97

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Regulation of Air Contaminants and Emissions Trading
Submitted by Manson, Tom Tom on 7/23/97

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Forecasting energy and capacity costs for the electric power and related fuels industries. PIRA conducts these research activities on behalf of over 2...
Submitted by Stewart, Allan Allan on 7/21/97

OTAG achieved its number one function, which was to delay sanctions while considering transport.
Submitted by DR.DAVID WOJICK PE on 7/15/97

Re: Re: Re: Comment on the average range of ozone transport
Ozone transport time is usually figured as the time between precursor emissions and when the ozone is removed from the atmosphere for good. The transp...
Submitted by Husar Rudolf on 7/15/97

Re: Re: Comment on the average range of ozone transport
OTAG was and will be, as soon as the rule making comes out, about attainment. As I understand the cyclic nature of the chemistry, ozone and its precu...
Submitted by WOJICK PE DR.DAVID on 7/13/97

Samuel Herrera has registered
Technical reports and tools for air quality analysis; current and emerging issues.
Submitted by Herrera Samuel on 7/8/97