Pattern of ozone and Precursors over the Eastern U.S.

The format in which the questions are presented reflects four points of view:

Specific technical question to the OTAG/AQA work group
      Policy Question: The corresponding policy question
      Rationale: Rationale and background for the question
      Possible Answer: Possible answers - ‘lose cannon’, provocative answers

What are the OTAG measures of non-attainment (NA)?
Policy Question: What are the best ozone measures (metrics) to quantify health & vegetation effects?
Rationale: This is to make sure that the proper environmental goal is set
Possible Answer: Second max one hour peak; 8 hr midday average; W128
Submitted by Rudolf Husar on 4/3/96 RecID: RudolfHusar

What are the trends of NA?
Policy Question: What are the regions of past (and future) growth and decline?
Rationale: To focus of future, rather than past NA conditions
Possible Answer: RTP will have the worst NA by 2005
Submitted by Rudolf Husar on 4/4/96 RecID: RudolfHusar3

What is the spatial pattern of NA according to OTAG measures?
Policy Question: Where are controls needed?
Rationale: To control at the proper geographic area
Possible Answer: Six metro areas in the east
Submitted by Rudolf Husar on 4/4/96 RecID: RudolfHusar2

What is the size of NA areas and how is it determined?
Policy Question: What is the specific size of regions to be controlled?
Rationale: To control the proper local domain size
Possible Answer: Counties where NA is actually measured
Submitted by Rudolf Husar on 4/4/96 RecID: RudolfHusar1

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