Transport of Ozone and Precursors

The format in which the questions are presented reflects four points of view:

Specific technical question to the OTAG/AQA work group
      Policy Question: The corresponding policy question
      Rationale: Rationale and background for the question
      Possible Answer: Possible answers - ‘lose cannon’, provocative answers

What are the nonattainment regions where transport of regional ozone is significant?
Policy Question: Is the transport of regional ozone a problem over the entire Eastern US?
Rationale: It is necessary to know where regional ozone transport occurs in order to address the problem
Possible Answer: Tranport of regional ozone is only significant in New Jersey
Submitted by Bret Schichtel on 9/24/96 RecID: BretSchichtel

For how many days do airmasses carrying ozone and/or ozone precursors tend to persist within the OTAG domain?
Policy Question: How long do ozone problems last?
Rationale: to help decide how far out to control
Possible Answer: 2-4 days, depending on temperature, rain, etc.
Submitted by David Guinnup on 9/11/96 RecID: DavidGuinnup

To what degree is NA in a given area is influenced by transport from outside?
Policy Question: What are the relative contributions of local and regional ozone
Rationale: A bottom line science question for OTAG.
Possible Answer: Control local sources 1 %, regional 99 % - it’s them doing it!
Submitted by Rudolf Husar on 4/4/96 RecID: RudolfHusar4

What is the role of vertical transport?
Policy Question: This is really a science, not a policy question, keep it in?
Rationale: ??
Possible Answer: ??
Submitted by Rudolf Husar on 4/4/96 RecID: RudolfHusar3

What are the conditions (space, time, meteorology) conducive for transport?
Policy Question: Can we use a space-time uniform policy?
Rationale: Does long range transport happen at odd locations and times or it is chronic
Possible Answer: Control only RTP, NC - it is responsible for everything
Submitted by Rudolf Husar on 4/4/96 RecID: RudolfHusar2

What is the distance (seasonal, directional) over which emissions influence NA sites?
Policy Question: What is the ozone precursor region of influence, China?
Rationale: We do not really know the ozone region of influence
Possible Answer: Control within 500 km, leave the rest.
Submitted by Rudolf Husar on 4/4/96 RecID: RudolfHusar1

What is the magnitude of regional ozone outside NA areas?
Policy Question: Is ozone from outside the NA area significant compared to ozone in NA areas?
Rationale: Regional ozone is there for sure, but how much?
Possible Answer: 42 ppb!
Submitted by Rudolf Husar on 4/3/96 RecID: RudolfHusar

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